Food Reviews : Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Cafe [OUTDATED]

Updated 11/2020: Apparently, the restaurant seems to no longer be located at Middle Road, but I’ve found two addresses instead – the first one is their “coffee and concept” store at 35A Scotts Road – their menu seems to imply that they only serve their signature Blackforest Cake there (along with some beverages).

The second address is where I presume that this restaurant has shifted to – 9 Bras Basah Road Rendezvous Hotel Singapore #01-01, Singapore 228228

Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Cafe [OUTDATED INFORMATION]
141, Middle Road, #01-01, GSM Building, Singapore 188976
Sunday to Thursday – 11AM to 10PM (last order 9.30PM)0
Friday and Saturday – 11AM to 11PM (last order 10.30PM)


Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Cafe is a project initiated by S-One Stuttgart Singapore, a company that acts as a “virtual bridge” linking Stuttgart and its surrounding regions to Singapore and vice versa, fostering exclusive business relations between the two regions.
Stuttgart is the capital of the state of Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany, and what they serve here are Swabian cuisine, so you might find some of the dishes rather simple and down-to-earth.

Opened in 2012, the restaurant is best known for their signature Blackforest Cake (as seen on the front page of their menu). It is said that the Blackforest Cake originated from the southwestern part of Germany. It is not directly named after the Black Forest mountain range but from the specialty liquor of that region.  The liquor, along with its distinctive cherry pit flavor and alcoholic content, gives the cake its flavor. 

How to go there 
The restaurant is within walkable distance from Bugis MRT, about 15 minutes on foot.
From Bugis MRT, head towards the direction of the National Library to reach Middle Road.
Cross the road to get across the National Library, past Victoria Street and Queen Street and stop at Waterloo Street. You should already see the restaurant next to the signboard of Waterloo Street.


DSC_0146 DSC_0147

Or you could take Bus 56 from Bishan Interchange and alight at opposite Midlink Plaza (bus stop 07561) to find yourself near the doorstep of the restaurant.
Keep an eye out on the yellow restaurant logo and it shouldn’t be too hard to find the place.

What was ordered

(Shared between 4 pax) –
Snack Paradise ($18); Choice of any 3 Starters – Chili Corn Carne, Schnitzel Fries and Sausages
Lentils with Spatzle and Sausage ($16.80)
Pork Knuckle ($19)
Signature Blackforest Cake($12)
Lava Cake($10)

Lentils with Spatzle and Sausage

This dish seems weird to me at first because I’ve never tried Lentils or Spatzle before. Lentils and Spatzle is a classical dish from Swabia and I believe that they are to be mashed together. I tried both individually (because I have no clue how to eat this) and found that the Lentils were a little salty and the Spatzle was much too plain.
I think they would complement each other very well.
The beef sausage looks a little out of place but it brought taste to the dish, something this dish really needs.
Pork Knuckle

Now this is a worthy main course meal. The dish was abundant in meat and it goes really well with that mashed potato and brown sauce. The meat was super juicy and tender and the skin was very crispy, like the hard kind of crispy. Goes very well with a good German Beer.

Snack Paradise – Chili Corn Carne, Schnitzel Fries and Sausages

The Chili Corn Carne makes for an excellent starter and it is highly addictive when dipped with their salsa sauce. It is mildly spicy and there is a zesty taste. My only disappointment was that they charge $3 for a refill of salsa. 

The Schnitzel Fries deserves mention as well! Although it was only 10 stripes or so, they tasted like the Pork Knuckles. Skin was not that crispy, but we could dip it in mustard, tomato sauce or chili sauce (the thick western kind). Goes very well with mustard.

The sausages was OK. I’m not a big fan of sausages but I have no complains about it. A little oily, though.

DSC_0131 DSC_0132
Signature Blackforest Cake

The signature acclaimed Blackforest Cake. The slice was disappointingly small (about 1/5 of the plate) but the taste packs a punch. Start  with the cherry on top first and you will taste the difference. This is no ordinarily grown cherry – it has been infused with some brandy or sorts, called Kirsch. Two layers of sponge cake, two layers of fresh vanilla cream, a layer of Kirsch-infused cherries and a chocolate/cookie crumb base.
Those who can’t take alcohol or dislike alcohol might not like the cake, but I do and I found it heavenly.
I think it is meant to be enjoyed in small slices, because I took a huge bite of the cake and the alcohol taste was overwhelming.

Lava Cake

For those who want an alternative, or prefer something more chocolaty, you can try the Lava Cake. $2 cheaper than the Blackforest cake and slightly bigger, the Lava Cake is served hot and you can see the chocolate ooze out once you have taken your first bite. Cool off the hot chocolate with the single scoop of vanilla ice cream next to it.


Two stories high with an art gallery, a wine vault and a private dining room up the second floor. They really decorated this place rather nicely and it feels as if you’re eating at one of those traditional German cafes. Even their waitresses wear their beer maid costume!
They have all sorts of brochures and information about Germany just past the front door if you are interested.
Sausages and Sauerkraut are on sale if you want to bring home to cook.
DSC_0123 DSC_0126 DSC_0136

Waiting time for food was reasonable. The Starters were delivered within 10 minutes and the Main Course was delivered shortly after. The dessert was served right at the end once everything was finished, which should be the way.
The staff were readily available and able to provide recommendations to fit within the budget.

Starts to get a little slow when the crowd comes in at around late 7PM, but I guess that should be expected since they have a lack of manpower.
Overall, no complains with the service.

Price and portion
Expect to spend at least $30~$50 for a meal here.  A dinner consisting of their signature Pork Knuckle ($19) as your main course, a slice of their signature Blackforest cake ($12) for dessert and a pint of Dunkle ($11~16) would amount to about $46. You could add $5 for the following sides to your main course : Sausages, Meatloaf, Pork belly or Pork schnitzel, or you could add $3 for choice of either potato salad, mashed potato or sauerkraut.

Portion is good and shareable for two. In fact, I highly recommend that you do this to bring down the cost. Their Gokele Chicken ($26) is good for 2 pax. Save on the alcohol (drink plain water) and use the money order two slices of Blackforest cake instead (12*2=$24). This would bring the total cost to $50, divided by two and you get $25 per pax. Throw in a Starter (I personally recommend the Chili Corn Chips) for a more complete meal.

Verdict – 8/10.
Price and portion could be improved, maybe a ~$30 set meal could be implemented. I found their selection of cakes to be overpriced, each selling for $10 with the exception of their Blackforest cake at a higher price of $12. Skip the Salad, Soup and Pasta if you can help it. Spend the money on a Starter, a main Course and a dessert.
If you feel like having more after the meal, spend it all on the dessert.

The price could considered reasonable if you share it between two pax.

I’m not a fan of Blackforest, but their Blackforest Cake deserves a 10/10. I think that the reason could be attributed to the alcohol they add in their cherries, giving a strong liquor aftertaste.
I let the high price slide because of this, else it would have got a 7/10.
In fact, I can think of no other place on this island that sells the exact same kind, definitely not the same kind of Blackforest Cake that you can buy at your neighborhood bakery.

Don’t leave this place without trying it.

My thoughts

Second time writing a Food Review. I learned from my first article and took more pictures this time! I think it is a huge improvement from the first article.

I’ve added SERVICE to the checklist. Service should be included because it can either make the whole event more enjoyable or make good food taste really bad. I would totally lose my appetite if the service was bad. Hygiene, Staff Friendliness and Waiting Time (for food to be delivered) are encompassed under this.

TASTE is now considered under WHAT WAS ORDERED to make the article more presentable and easier to understand..

The VERDICT is now scaled to 10, up from 5. Most of the generally good restaurants would get a 3/5 or a 4/5 from me and there would be inflation because everything is around that score.
Only the really bad ones will receive a 1/5 or 2/5, such as overpriced food, horrible customer service or poor hygiene.
I admit that I’m rather generous with the points.

How to read the new system :
1~4/10 – I don’t ever see myself giving such an extremely low score, but if I do, it means that something is very wrong.
5~7/10 – Most of them would fall under this category. It means that the restaurant is generally good but lacks the distinction.
8~10/10 – Good food, value for money, excellent service. Plus points if the restaurant has a superb signature dish that distinguishes itself from the others.

There is still that I can do to improve on my Food Review articles, but I think I’m heading in the right direction for now.

For more information

Stuttgart Blackforest main site
Tripadvisor on Stuttgart Blackforest
Hungrygowhere on Stuttgart Blackforest




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